Chia Seeds Health Benefits: 5 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds: New Terms in Bengali Leaves


Bengalis do not lack interest in trying new foods. A new addition to that list is chia seeds. But how healthy is this food?

The popularity of chia seeds is increasing as a source of various nutrients. The seeds are obtained from a plant called ‘Saliva hispanica’. Many people now use these seeds instead of eggs when baking food. Some people eat these seeds with puddings and salads. However, experts say that chia seeds need to be soaked in water to get the most benefit. But what are the benefits of this seed?

1. Blood pressure control: Chia seeds contain a type of anti-oxidant called ‘chlorogenic acid’. Many believe that this ingredient can help control blood pressure.


2. To reduce inflammation: Chia seeds contain another type of anti-oxidant called ‘caffeic acid’. This anti-oxidant is quite useful as an anti-inflammatory.

3. To keep the heart healthy: Chia seeds are rich in a type of omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid. Some experts believe that these omega-3 fatty acids help keep the heart healthy.

4. Skin Care: Chia seeds contain some fatty acids that can help reduce skin irritation. Besides, the risk of dehydration also decreases a bit by soaking in water. As a result, the skin is not dry.

5. Controlling Blood Sugar: Recent studies have suggested that chia seeds may be helpful in controlling blood sugar levels.

But keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. So not all foods can be tolerated by everyone. In addition, according to some experts, more detailed research is needed on chia seeds. Therefore, it is prudent to seek expert advice before eating this food regularly.